As of August two major grocers for the Lakeside area will be closing their doors for good.



Most of us know that the Martin’s on Brook Rd. will be closing as of August 2, 2017 as part of the merger between Martin’s parent company Giant and Food Lion. This is on top of the Staples Mill U-Krop’s that already closed with the Martin’s change over.

Speaking of… Food Lion has also announced that they will be closing the store at 9035 West Broad in the West Broad shopping center. Maybe we should have predicted this when this particular location didn’t make the remodel list. Food Lion has cited the end of the lease as the reason for closing.

So, is Lakeside a food desert? Sort of.

There is, of course, Lakeside Farmer’s Market which provides access to fresh, healthy, locally grown food on Wednesdays from 9AM – 3PM and Saturdays from 8AM – Noon. That puts most of Lakeside within a 2 mile radius at least twice a week, which isn’t bad! It’s also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, which is awesome.

Using Lakeside Elementary as a fairly central mid-point, we can see that Kroger on Staples Mill is about 3.4 miles away, with the new Aldi being right across the street so a smidge closer at 3.2 miles. The new Lidl will be even closer at just 2.4 miles. (For perspective, the Brook Rd. Martin’s is also exactly 2.4 miles away.)

Still, without access to a vehicle a 2.4 mile trip can be difficult, especially for the infirm or elderly. With no real public transportation options and very little in the way of pedestrian or biking infrastructure, how do we ensure that those in the most need have access to healthy food options on a regular basis?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts in the comments!