From a reader:

I was wondering if you could get some information on the timeline for repairs to Galaxie, which washed out and was closed in June? This road passes by Holladay Elementary, and the buses will be rolling through the detour soon, I guess. This road connects those of use on Hermitage to Hilliard, so the extended closure has been inconvenient.

For those who might not remember, large storms came through the area on July 14th and washed out the portion of Galaxie Rd. between Alycia and Matterhorn Drives. This area is a bridge over a small unnamed (as far as I can tell) creek.

Work is scheduled to begin sometime on the week of August 7 and is estimated to last 3 weeks. The project is complicated by two storm water pipes that need to be redone, a water main that needs to be raised, and the fact that the creek will need to be diverted and pumped to a different location per state and federal regulations.

Washed out portion of Galaxie Rd.

This puts the estimated completion date at almost exactly the first day of school, September 5, so this is likely to affect the nearby Holladay Elementary. Until the construction has been completed there is a detour set up diverting people to the northern access from Hermitage through Alycia. If you are coming from points south (as I was) the detour is not very well marked, but you can turn on Laflin to Linbrook and then through Hermitage. I wound up turning down Impala and saw a whole portion of Lakeside that usually remains hidden to me!

How has the closure of Galaxie impacted you? Do you live in the affected area? What else would you like to know from county officials? Comment here or shoot me an email at!